The Leader's Checklist, Expanded Edition ( paperback)

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'div''B'Named to 'I'The Washington Post'/I''s 2011 List of Best Leadership Books'/B''BR''BR''B'In this fast-reading and illuminating expanded edition of the bestselling 'I'Leader'#8217;s Checklist,'/I' world-renowned leadership expert Michael Useem deepens his examination of 15 mission-critical principles for leaders'/B''BR''BR'Based on the lessons from astonishing stories, solid research, and years of leadership development work with a wide array of companies and organizations in the United States and abroad, Useem presents today'#8217;s leaders with 15 guiding principles that form the core of the Leader'#8217;s Checklist, which will help you develop your ability to make good and timely decisions in unpredictable and stressful environments'#151;for those moments when leadership really matters.'br''BR'To illustrate how the Leader'#8217;s Checklist can assist leaders, Useem zeroes in on accounts of extraordinary leaders who rose to the challenge, including Laurence Golborne'#8217;s role in the triumphant rescue of 33 miners in Chile, Joseph Pfeifer'#8217;s remarkable heroism as the first FDNY Fire Chief to take command at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and Union officer Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain'#8217;s transformative actions after the Confederate army'#8217;s surrender. He also explores the colossal failure of AIG, one of the greatest corporate collapses in business history.'BR''BR'First published exclusively as an ebook'#151;and now also available in print'#151;this updated and expanded edition features a new preface by the author and three new [email protected] interviews with Laurence Golborne, Chile'#8217;s Minister of Mining, on leading the rescue operation of 33 miners trapped in the San Jos'#233;eacute; Mine; Joseph Pfeifer, New York City Fire Department'#8217;s Chief of Counterterrorism and Emergency Preparedness, on being the first Battalion Chief to take command at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001; and the author on why he wrote The Leader'#8217;s Checklist and what he has learned about the most vital items on the checklist from his recent leadership development work with more than a dozen companies and organizations.'BR''/div'
ID produktu: 1160650601
Tytuł: The Leader's Checklist, Expanded Edition
Tytuł oryginalny: 15 Mission-Critical Principles
Autor: Useem Michael
Wydawca: Wharton School Press
Język wydania: english
Ilość stron: 136
Data premiery: 2011-09-01
Rok wydania: 2011
Forma: książka
Wymiary [mm]: 210 x 10 x 140
Indeks: 43013050
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