Gone Girl (okładka miękka)

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"What are you thinking, Amy?" The question I've asked most often during our marriage, if not out loud, if not to the person who could answer. I suppose these questions stormcloud over every marriage: What are you thinking? How are you feeling? Who are you? What have we done to each other? What will we do?' Just how well can you ever know the person you love? This is the question that Nick Dunne must ask himself on the morning of his fifth wedding anniversary when his wife Amy suddenly disappears. The police immediately suspect Nick. Amy's friends reveal that she was afraid of him, that she kept secrets from him. He swears it isn't true. A police examination of his computer shows strange searches. He says they aren't his. And then there are the persistent calls on his mobile phone. So what really did happen to Nick's beautiful wife? And what was in that half-wrapped box left so casually on their marital bed? In this novel, marriage truly is the art of war ... 

Tytuł: Gone Girl
Autor: Flynn Gillian
Wydawca: Orion Publishing Group
Język wydania: angielski
Język oryginału: angielski
Ilość stron: 466
Data premiery: 2012-11-08
Rok wydania: 2012
Forma: książka
Wymiary [mm]: 35 x 177 x 111
Indeks: 12345533
średnia 4,7
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1 recenzja
14-07-2014 o godz 22:03 Julia Walczak dodał recenzję:
‘Gone Girl’ is a book written by Gillian Flynn and published by Crown Publishing Group in June 2012. Not long after appearing on the market it got to the top of the New York Times Hardcover Fiction Bestseller list and remained there for eight weeks. Reader’s Digest says it is ‘more than just a crime novel’ and describes it as a ‘masterful psychological thriller’. It contains elements of a detective story, a thriller and a crime book and that makes this novel unique and inimitable.
It is so absorbing and outstanding that it attracted the attention of Reese Witherspoon, who is now contributing to the production of the film, which is going to hit the screens in US on 3rd October this year.

The novel’s main topic is – as the title suggests – the missing girl. What is also shown in the story is that seemingly flawless marriages can be really unhappy and that pretending can lead to dreadful things.
The plot centres on looking for the missing Amy Elliott Dunne, Nick Dunne’s wife. The husband, unemployed writer running a bar with his sister thanks to his wife’s money, starts his story with the day of Amy’s disappearing, which is – by the way – their fifth anniversary. The police comes to the married couple’s house in North Carthage, Missouri and finds the crime scene. Detectives – Gilpin and Boney – reckon that it was set by the husband. Soon, Nick becomes the prime suspect in the investigation led by pattern-thinking police officers. All of the evidence definitely show that he is the culprit. He tells about everything as if he had a guilty conscience and he doesn’t show any emotions.
The book is divided into three main parts. The first one named ‘Boy loses girl’ takes more than a half of the 400-paged book and shows the marriage from two points of view. Amy is speaking to us by her diary which tells the reader she was badly treated by Nick. She talks about some moments of their life together while her husband is presenting each day since her missing, adding some flashbacks here and there. This makes the unusual pace of the plot in ‘Boy loses girl’ part: she moves very fast: first meeting, wedding, etc. whereas he gives the description of only 10 days through 200 pages. Let me leave out the other two parts since they contain an unexpected twist of the plot, which the reader must find by himself.
Neither Amy, nor Nick was spotlessly clean. One of them made some typical mistakes, which happen in our lives, although these are still hard to forgive. The other one was totally different and did unexpected things which everybody will find highly unrealistic and won’t easily believe in them. This makes them a couple with life rich in interesting ideas and sometimes rows and arguments. The main characters are definitely the most excellent part of this book because the reader can get to know them from two points: their own and the person they live with. Two sides to the story are bitterly confusing. However, they concurrently force the reader to think about the true series of events.
What I didn’t like was the tempo of the third part. It was going very fast and the reader couldn’t get familiar with the details of Amy’s and Nick’s lives. I was also a little disappointed by the ending. However, taking into consideration all the things the married couple did through this best-selling novel, the ending I’d like to see would appear far-fetched.

To sum up, I fully recommend this book. It will change the way you think about beloved person and marriages. It’s realistically written with brilliant descriptions. Anybody who likes thrillers and detective stories would be absolutely delighted. You can enjoy gripping read which is keeping you in suspense. The book is a masterpiece of its kind and I’m hundred percent sure that it will be the best one for a long time. It has truly lived up to my expectations and I can thoroughly recommend it. It is well worth spending time on it. Read the book and find out!
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O autorze: Gillian Flynn

Gillian Flynn urodziła się w 1971 roku w Kansas City. Jest amerykańską pisarką i publicystką telewizyjną. Współpracowała między innymi z magazynem "Enterntainent Weekly". Jest autorką trzech bestsellerowych powieści kryminalnych: "Ostre przedmioty" z 2006 roku, "Mroczny zakątek" z 2009 roku oraz "Zaginiona dziewczyna" z 2012. Za swoje powieści wielokrotnie nagradzana. Książki Flynn cieszą się popularnością także poza USA. Przetłumaczono je i z sukcesem wydano w wielu krajach świata.

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