Simply Said (okładka  miękka)

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Master the art of communication to improve outcomes in any scenario Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication. Do you ever feel as though your message hasn't gotten across? Do details get lost along the way? Have tense situations ever escalated unnecessarily? Do people buy into your ideas? It all comes down to communication. We all communicate, but few of us do it well. From tough presentations to everyday transactions, there is no scenario that cannot be improved with better communication skills. This book presents an all-encompassing guide to improving your communication, based on the Exec|Comm philosophy: we are all better communicators when we focus focus less on ourselves and more on other people. More than just a list of tips, this book connects skills with scenarios and purpose to help you hear and be heard. You'll learn the skills to deliver great presentations and clear and persuasive messages, handle difficult conversations, effectively manage, lead with authenticity and more, as you discover the secrets of true communication. Communication affects every interaction every day. Why not learn to do it well? This book provides comprehensive guidance toward getting your message across, and getting the results you want. * Shift your focus from yourself to other people * Build a reputation as a good listener * Develop your written and oral communications for the greatest impact * Inspire and influence others * Communicate more effectively in any business or social situation Did that email come across as harsh? Did you offend someone unintentionally? Great communication skills give you the power to influence someone's thinking and guide them to where you need them to be. Simply Said teaches you the critical skills that make you more effective in business and in life.

ID produktu: 1135036784
Tytuł: Simply Said
Autor: Sullivan Jay
Wydawca: Wiley John + Sons , Wiley John + Sons , Wiley John&Sons Inc.
Język wydania: angielski
Ilość stron: 288
Forma: książka
Wymiary [mm]: 22 x 266 x 143
Indeks: 28327332
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