Harborside Hatred ( paperback)

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Oakland O'Neill has been running from her past for a long time. Now it's catching up with her.

Wherever Oakland goes, the mystery caller finds her, the one who breathes down the line, who calls her at any time of day or night, who somehow always seems to know where she is.

Moving all the way from London, Oakland settled on Liars Island, finally feeling safe enough to put down roots. Running Harborside Books, a quaint little shop by the harbor, she's content with her quiet life. For the first time since she was seventeen years old, no one has harassed her. Until one day, she picks up the phone and hears that rasping breath one more time. But this time, it's worse, someone is following her. She finds a threatening note in the bookstore. She's convinced that there are eyes in the shadows, watching her every move.

There is a person out there who hates Oakland O'Neill more than anyone in the world, and that person is on Liars Island, waiting for their opportunity to strike...

Welcome to Liars Island... a stand-alone series of interconnected, novella-length domestic thrillers set in the picture-perfect community of Liars Island. Here, nothing is quite as it seems.

On this island, families, and friendships are more than meets the eye ... secrets, deceptions, and jealousies threaten to ruin everything these influential people have built. But it isn't only the rich that live here ... and power comes in all shapes and sizes. Everyone here is a liar ... just how far would you go to get what you want?

ID produktu: 1273291113
Tytuł: Harborside Hatred
Tytuł oryginalny: A Liars Island Suspense
Autor: Denzil Sarah A.
Wydawca: Sarah Dalton
Język wydania: english
Ilość stron: 112
Data premiery: 2021-06-13
Rok wydania: 2021
Forma: książka
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O autorze: Denzil Sarah A.

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