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Light Shining in a Dark Place (paperback)

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Synopsis: In Light Shining in a Dark Place, Jeff Sellars has drawn together more than a dozen scholars around the theme of discovering theology through the moving medium of film. The varied contributors in this collection explore, through their particular lenses, how theological ideas might be seen in and considered through one of the most popular of modern art forms. From subjects of sin, grace, and forgiveness to violence, science fiction/fantasy, and zombies, Light Shining in a Dark Place assists the theologically interested film viewer in tracing the light that might be found in the filmic arts back to the source of all lights. Contributors include: Bruce L. Edwards, J. Sage Elwell, Michael Leary, Peter Malone, Kevin C. Neece, Simon Oliver, Kim Paffenroth, J. Ryan Parker, Travis Prinzi, Megan J. Robinson, Scott Shiffer, James H. Thrall, and Alissa Wilkinson Endorsements: "An intriguingly eclectic, far-ranging collection of essays that shows how everything from art house cinema to the most popcorny of pop culture--including direct-to-DVD fare--can illuminate our understanding of the world, our place in it, and the One who made it. Even some rather well-worn topics are approached from strikingly original angles. I learned a fair bit from reading this book, and look forward to referencing it in the future." --Peter T. Chattaway, previous film critic for BC Christian News "In an all-star line up of writers, this accessible book enables readers to discover God through the all-encompassing medium of the movie, perhaps the most powerful medium on the planet. Movies help us understand God and his story, and God and his Story enables us to understand the movies. Read this book and you'll know film, God, and the biblical narrative better." --David Naugle, Associate Producer of Grassroots Entertainment, LLC "Here is a delightful study of cinema's ability to smuggle God-stories into the shades and shadows of the art of showing us who he is, who we are, and who we might be. The wealth of insights in these essays would encourage the likes of a C. S. Lewis to reevaluate this most modern of methods for illuminating and recovering truth twenty-four times per second." --Scott Calhoun, Conference Director for U2: The Hype and The Feedback "Light Shining in a Dark Place offers a rich, creative, and diverse theological discourse on concepts such as evil, grace, forgiveness, horror, and community explored through an equally rich selection of films . . . Each chapter is marked by deep scholarship underpinned by a lively enthusiasm and informed respect for the medium of film." --Maggie Roux, Associate Principal Lecturer at Leeds Trinity University College Author Biography: Jeff Sellars, PhD, currently teaches philosophy and humanities in Northern California and Southern Oregon. Visit for more information on Light Shining in a Dark Place and related materials.

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Tytuł: Light Shining in a Dark Place
Tytuł oryginalny: Discovering Theology Through Film
Autor: Null
Wydawca: Wipf And Stock Publishers
Język wydania: english
Ilość stron: 252
Data premiery: 2016-09-04
Rok wydania: 2012
Forma: książka
Wymiary [mm]: 152 x 17 x 232
Indeks: 21077906


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